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Apps Designed to Assist Parents with Communication

Posted by Jerry Williams | Aug 03, 2022 | 0 Comments

Oftentimes during litigation between parents in a custody battle, or divorce, and children are between each parent's residence, co-parenting can get tough and communication can become strained. Keeping up with events, appointments, and informing the other parent can become exhausting. Reaching the other parent to inform them about what is going on, or trying to communicate can take its toll, or can be a constant struggle. When co-parenting is the goal some things may get lost in translation when sending messages back and forth. 

There are some communication tools designed to assist with sharing custody and around communication regarding your children. 

Two apps that Maryland Courts have recommended to parents is Our Family Wizard and App Close. Both applications can be downloaded on your phone or tablet. Interestingly they both describe themselves as being the best co-parenting apps. 

Our Family Wizard labels itself the "Best Co-Parenting App for Child Custody". The website and mobile app "provide a neutral space for parent communication to help you manage the challenges of shared parenting with a former spouse or partner". It is primarily a software that connects both parents, provides a shared calendar for all of your children's appointments, events, a messaging platform to keep all of your messages in one place including ToneMeter Plus which will assist with communication between parents and assist with the tone of the conversation. There are a host of features which also includes, identifying and splitting the expenses for your child. The app allows it to be shared with co-parents, children, family members and also to the attorneys involved in a custody case. Our Family Wizard charges each user a yearly fee to utilize the platform. At the time of this posting the yearly fee is $144 for one year, and $259 for a two year membership for the Essentials package.

Our Family Wizard also provides some sample language if you need to incorporate the app or features in a court order, including the following sample language:

  • The Parties shall communicate regarding their children via The parties are ordered to visit the website and each enroll in the program for least a one-year subscription not later than ___ days from the date of the order. The parties shall thereafter conduct all communications regarding shared parenting matters using the website's features.
  • The Parties shall utilize the Messaging feature only when information cannot be conveyed in the Calendar, Expense and Info Bank features. 
  • The Parties shall not communicate by telephone or text messaging except regarding matters of an emergency nature regarding a child that must be acted upon in less than 48 hours. In the case of such an emergency the subject and general content of any such communication shall be memorialized by a Journal entry in the Calendar feature.
  • All parents entries shall be viewable via a Professional Account to both parties' attorneys of record and the (Judge/Commisioner/ Best Interest Attorney/Parent Coordinator) assigned.

AppClose labels itself as "The Best Co-Parenting App". AppClose distinguishes itself as a free app with no subscription fees and no monthly charges, available on the Apple App Store or through Google Play. It also has a shared calendar, a Messenger feature that allows the ability to group chat, communicate with your attorney, and export communications between you and your contacts. It allows for audio and video calling, payment of children's expenses, and requests between parents. 

The legal team at Jerry Williams III, LLC can assist your family when divorce and custody issues arise, or when communication becomes strained. Schedule a virtual consultation or Strategy Session today. 

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