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Anne Arundel County Spousal Support Attorneys

Alimony, or spousal support, is a financial amount paid by one spouse to the other for the purpose of helping the spouse to become self-supporting. As such payments can be made and enforced during the marriage if parties are separated, and at the conclusion of marriage or during divorce. 

The amount and duration of alimony payments are usually set at the court's discretion, or by agreement between spouses or ex-spouses.

The court has guidelines for determining whether alimony is appropriate based on a set of factors determined by Maryland law such as the age and health of the parties, the length of the marriage and the cause of the breakdown of the marriage. Other factors include the ability of the party seeking alimony to become partly or wholly self-supporting, and the ability of one spouse to pay.  See a list of alimony factors in Maryland Family Law Article 11-106

Alimony payments can be made pendente lite (while a case is being litigated) or temporaryrehabilitative (for a set period of time); or indefinite.

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