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Child Support

Child Support

It is universally understood, that a child does not have the capacity to care for their own needs, and it is the responsibility of the child's parents to support them. Each parent has a financial obligation to contribute financially to support and maintain their children's needs. Those needs usually include a child's food, housing, utilities, clothing, child care and medical costs. When parents of a child are residing together, it is assumed that both parents are supporting their children due to the nature that many costs associated with their children is joint due to the nature that parents reside in the same household as their child. When parents do not live together, then each parent will still be responsible for their child and the support of their child whether they live with them or with the other parent.  

Child support is often determined based on the factors of where the child resides for most of the time, the incomes of the parties, and the nature of current support being paid on behalf of the child, to include medical insurance and work related daycare costs. 

Each parent's duty to pay child support is loosely based on the incomes of each parent, and the amount of time each child spends with each parent. 

Guidelines Worksheets are used to determine child support. 

Child Support Guidelines worksheets are used for the following scenarios:

  • Sole Physical Custody to one parent
  • Shared Physical Custody

 Child support is made based on monthly payments, payable from one parent to the other.  

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