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Modification of Child Support

Child Support Modification

When a child support case is entered, the court will issue an Order of support payable to one of the parents. Child support is always modifiable, but in order to modify child support, one or both parties must show that there has been a "material change of circumstances" since the last order that justifies a modification. 

Modifications can be made to increase child support, decrease child support, and depending on the circumstances, suspend child support. One may consider modification when the needs of the child or children have increased or decreased, parents salaries have increased or decreased, or when one parent has more or less time with the child than when the order was issued. 

Typically, a pleading must be filed with the court to reopen the case and a request to modify child support is made. An updated financial statement should also be filed, or will be requested at the time of a hearing. A hearing could be held in front of a judge or magistrate to review the request to modify and determine whether modification is appropriate. 

The child support award will not change unless a court reviews a motion to modify the amount and renders a decision that modification is appropriate. 

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