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Baltimore Adoption Attorneys

Adoption Attorneys in Maryland

Adoption is the formal process for an adult to assume the role of a parent to a child. There are many types of adoptions, including the adoption of an adult. 

Maryland Law identifies three kinds of adoption, specifically:

  1. Public Agency Adoption
  2. Private Agency Adoption
  3. Independent Adoption

In pursuing any kind of adoption in Maryland, an individual must prepare an adoption petition to be filed in the Circuit Court. Petitions for adoption may include consent of the natural parents.  Any adult who is not the child's natural parent may petition for adoption. 

Preparing and filing a Petition for Adoption can be a complex process, which usually include multiple sections and attachments of specific data pertinent to the petition, acceptance of the petition and preparation for an adoption hearing. Speak to one of our experienced attorneys to explore your options for Adoption in Maryland.