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Maryland Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

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Car crashes are impacting Maryland residents more than ever, with over 29,000 reported injury accidents and more than 530 fatalities in 2022 alone. Our highways including I-95, I-97 and Interstate 50, roads and streets in Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Prince George's County are plagued by roadway travesties which far too often result in lifelong implications.

A car wreck can be a terrifying experience, even when there is little or no damage to the vehicles involved. Devastating injuries can often take years to recover from, even with proper medical attention, rehabilitation and rest.

At the Law Offices of Jerry Williams III, we work to understand our clients' claims from all angles so we can provide the best legal guidance possible. Whether you have been a victim in a car crash, motorcycle accident, truck accident and suffered from an injury from the acts of someone else we welcome you to contact an attorney to see if you have an injury claim against the individuals that caused the accident.

Maryland Personal Injury Claims

When you enter an automobile, your hope is that everyone will exercise “reasonable care” when driving on the roads and interacting with other vehicles. Accidents tend to occur through human error, when someone fails to exercise reasonable care. It is far too common that drivers are now easily distracted and accidents will occur when someone takes their eyes of the road to answer a phone call, read a text message or see what has been posted to Facebook. When an accident occurs, the guilty individual should be held responsible for the damages caused by their negligence. Our Maryland District and Circuit courts allow injured victims to file lawsuits against the at-fault driver for their negligent or intentional actions that resulted in an accident. These types of claims are often referred to as personal injury lawsuits.

Elements of a Claim

Proving Negligence – When you work with our auto accident and Injury lawyers we will be examining information and data to determine negligence. Establishing negligence by the at fault party will help build a strong case that leads to justice and compensation for you. Some of the data we look at include police reports, the Maryland state traffic laws, photographs of the scene, past infractions against the person or property, any witness reports and medical records.

Some examples of accidents involving negligence could be when a driver did not follow signs or traffic signals, driving below or above the posted speed limits, driving while intoxicated, not adhering to safe driving for weather conditions, failing to use safety measures like car signals, reckless behavior on the road, etc. A Maryland injury attorney will sift through all the evidence and collect information that will help prove your case.

Types of Accidents that We Handle

Single Car Accident- Accidents involving one car. This type of accident could involve faulty roadways, improper signage causing an accident, or debris or obstruction in the road causing destruction of property or accident.

Rear End Collision- One of the more common types of accidents are indicated when someone is struck from behind.

Head On Crash- When two vehicles hit each other while facing each other.

Side Swipe- These collisions happen between two vehicles traveling in the same direction, and often occur when one vehicle travels outside of their own lane and into the lane of another driver.

Multiple Vehicle Crash- Crashes involving three or more vehicles could happen like a domino effect when one vehicle hits one vehicle forcing it into other cars.

Improper Maintenance of Vehicle- Poorly maintained vehicles can cause accidents. A cracked or damaged windshield could obstruct a person view. Bald or underinflated tires may cause poor stopping times. Loose bolts can cause tires or other vehicle parts to fall off causing injury or damage to other vehicles on the road.

Steps to Take After a Maryland Car Crash

After being involved in an auto accident, your first step should always be to ensure that you and your passengers are okay and assess the safety of others involved. Take the following steps as quickly as possible:

  • Get off of the road, pull over to a safe area if the vehicle is still drivable and contact the authorities.
  • Obtain medical care. If you have sustained major injuries, you may be transported from the scene by ambulance. If you have minor injuries, or believe that you are okay it's just as important to get checked out by emergency personnel as the initial shock of an accident and keeping it all together could mask serious physical or mental injuries.
  • Gather information and evidence. Obtain the contact information, and insurance information of all drivers involved, names and contact information of witnesses to the accident. Take photographs and video of the accident scene, vehicles involved, driver's licenses, insurance cards, license plates, road signs and any skid marks that may be on the road.
  • Speak to witnesses. If there are witnesses, ask what the witnesses saw and collect their information.
  • Contact your insurance company. Notify your insurance company that you were involved in an accident. Before making any recorded statements to your insurance company or another party's insurance company, contact an injury attorney. Your statements to insurance companies are often recorded and could potentially be used against you at a later time.
  • Document what happened as you remember it.
  • Contact a Maryland accident attorney.

Information collection - No matter who or what is at fault for your auto accident, one of the most essential elements of your case will be evidence. Working with an experienced Maryland auto accident attorney will ensure that information is collected and examined so your case can proceed accordingly. After an accident collecting information and evidence is important in assisting your attorney with any claim for injuries. Other information that can assist with a case include:

  • Police Report - A report put together by the first officer arriving on the accident scene. This report will attempt to recount what happened and who may have caused the accident.
  • Witness Reports - Police will typically speak with anyone who might have seen the accident and get their perspective by asking them to make a statement about what they saw.
  • Photographs - Images tell a lot about an accident beyond the damage aftermath. Often, images can reveal who ran a light, who failed to stop, who hit who, what laws were broken; to name a few.
  • Video - Video evidence can be obtained in many ways. Some examples are witness cell phone video, red light camera footage, nearby business surveillance video, or a citizen's personal video surveillance system.
  • Medical Records - Medical records are crucial to an auto accident case since they will be center stage in developing grounds for compensation requests. If you pursue a legal claim, your medical records will need to be evaluated to understand the severity and scope of your damages.
  • Property Damage Estimates - After an auto accident, if there is significant damage to your property, your Annapolis auto accident lawyer will seek to evaluate and get estimates for the losses.
  • Expert Analysis - Depending on the factors of your case, sometimes experts will be consulted to get a clear picture of what happened. This is especially true for cases that involved fire, chemicals, commercial vehicles or multi-vehicle incidents.

Why Should You Hire an Attorney

While you focus on your recovery, you can count on an attorney to pursue financial compensation for the injuries that were sustained. There are no upfront costs for representation. We offer a free case analysis and if we accept representation of your case, our fees are paid based on a contingency fee basis. Meaning, your attorney's fee is contingent on your offer of settlement or successful judgment after a lawsuit is filed. Your contingency fee is a percentage of your financial recovery that is agreed upon when you sign a contract for your representation.

How to Obtain a Good Annapolis Auto Accident or Personal Injury Lawyer

At the law office of Jerry Williams III, LLC, we provide you with an entirely free case analysis and consultation with a car accident lawyer. Our priority is to focus on your financial recovery while you focus on your recovery from your accident.

You must file an auto accident lawsuit before the Maryland statute of limitations expires. This period is generally three years after the accident occurred. If you fail to file by the deadline, you could lose your ability to recover. 

If we can answer any of your questions, we welcome you to call (410) 415-3617 or connect with us online, so we can set up a time to talk with you.