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Request for Reconsideration

The Social Security Administration employs multiple levels of review for determining whether an individual qualifies for disability benefits. If an individual does not meet the requirements for disability benefits after submitting an initial application, the next step is to appeal the decision and request reconsideration. 


Reconsideration is the first appeal that the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows after filing an initial application for disability benefits. SSA allows a time frame of sixty (60) days from the date of the denial notice to file for Reconsideration. 

How to Appeal?

SSA allows for application for reconsideration online by going to and requesting to appeal a decision. You can also appeal by filling out form SSA-561: Request for Reconsideration;  Form SSA-3441- Disability Report; and Form SSA 827: Medical Authorization. 

After filing for Reconsideration, a different disability analyst will review the application, medical records and other information before making a determination. It could take from three to six (3-6) months to receive a decision from SSA. 

How We Can Help?

We can represent you at any point of the process of applying or appealing for disability benefits. You can have an attorney to help you with the Initial Application, Request for Reconsideration, or at an Administrative Law Judge Hearing. We do not request any upfront fees and are only compensated if you are awarded disability benefits. 

SSA Resources:

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