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Unbundled Attorney

What is an unbundled attorney?

Most individuals look to hire a law firm for full representation or for a full bundle of services to represent them in a specific matter. An unbundled attorney can section off parts of the full representation bundle and provide limited legal services to an individual. 

Unbundled legal services has also been referred to as limited scope services or discrete task representation. 

Why would you consider hiring an unbundled attorney?

There are several reasons to consider hiring an unbundled attorney. In certain instances, you may feel comfortable representing yourself for some parts of your case, but require an attorney for more complex issues for a short period of time. You can utilize the services of an unbundled attorney for a specific purpose and then continue to represent yourself as your case continues.

You could also be nervous about hiring an attorney full time, as you may not know whether one particular attorney is right for you. You could essentially test an attorney out with hiring for a specific purpose and later decide if you want an attorney to later represent you in another unbundled capacity or for further assistance.

Should I hire an unbundled attorney?

Having an unbundled attorney is not appropriate for all cases. Talk to one of our attorneys today, call the Law Office of Jerry Williams (410)415-9333 to find out if your case is appropriate for limited scope services. 

Ways an unbundled attorney may help:
  • Consultation/Advice
  • Legal Strategy Session
  • Drafting of or responding to: Pleadings, Motions, Petitions
  • Drafting of Proposals, Settlement Agreements
  • Drafting Correspondence
  • Negotiation 
  • Limited Appearance at a Custody Trial
  • Limited Appearance at a Child Support Hearing
  • Limited Appearance at a Settlement Conference
  • Limited Appearance at a Protective Order Hearing
  • Limited Appearance at a Motions Hearing
  • Day of Trial Assistance
  • Coaching for Trial
  • Developing a Trial Notebook
  • Motions Planning
  • Preparation of Trial Strategy
  • Preparation of Settlement Letter
  • Drafting and Negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement
  • Preparation of and Responding to Discovery Requests
  • Preparation of Subpoenas
  • Affidavit preparation
  • Pursuit or Defense of a Deposition
  • Legal Research
  • Preparation of Parenting Plan Agreement
  • Preparing Complaints for Custody, Child Support
  • Preparing Complaints for Paternity
  • Preparing Complaints for Absolute Divorce
  • Preparing Complaints for Alimony
  • Filing Exceptions

Affordable Representation

Sometimes the biggest barrier for individuals having representation is the cost of representation. As lawyers, we understand that the costs of representation can become overwhelming if not already planned for.  We understand this  and we offer unbundled legal services. By offering limited scope legal services, we hope to introduce the option of having some representation for some parts of your case when you need help the most, while being able to save on parts of your case that you do not require legal assistance with. We offer different types of unbundled legal services that can often range depending on your legal needs.


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