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Father's Rights Attorney

Father's Rights

Most fathers feel that they receive the short end of the stick when it comes to custody cases. It is often assumed that fathers do not get the same treatment in court or by judges when custody is awarded to mothers. This should not be the case pursuant to Maryland law. The law presumes that there is no preference for mothers (or no maternal preference) to automatically have custody of a child or children. 

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Best Interests Standard

During any custody case, the Maryland courts will determine custody based on a best interests analysis. This means that there are many different factors that the court will consider when determining custody between a mother and father of the child. Father's rights are important, when a father is willing and able, they must be able to present information and evidence to a court that promotes what will be in their child's best interests for custody. Each party will have an opportunity to present information at trial that supports or defends their case. 

Preparation for a Custody Case

Preparation is key for any custody case. Fathers that are able to present evidence of their involvement with their child, activities spent with their children, and time devoted to their kids and their kids wellbeing, are able to prepare a case to present the factors of their fitness and show that they are proper custodians for their children. Preparation for custody cases comes way before a custody case even begins, and should continue while the case moves through the court system. 

Fathers Right to Representation

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