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Drafting Complaints

Drafting Circuit Court Pleadings

Often times the first thing to do to start a custody case in Circuit Court is to draft the pleading, the petition, the complaint or the initial documents necessary to present to the court. The pleading is often the first document necessary to file with the court to get the case started. In Maryland Circuit Courts, pleadings are governed by the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure. Every case that is filed can be different and depending on the case will determine which pleading must be filed. 

If you have determined that you will represent yourself and you are pro se, you can still gain information or insight by consulting with an unbundled attorney on what pleading to file and how to proceed with drafting your pleading. As a self represented litigant (SRL), you will be tasked with preparing your own pleadings, amended pleadings and even when you are a SRL you can obtain the assistance of counsel for a limited purpose to draft your pleadings on your behalf. As an SRL you will still be tasked with filing and serving your documents with the scope of the Maryland Rules. 

As Pro Se party, you are often tasked as also being your own attorney, and if your initial pleading does not contain all necessary components for your case it could derail your overall goals for your case. The task can pose its problems when you have not drafted pleadings, or complaints before. But know that you do not have to do it alone, and can often hire an unbundled lawyer to advise you regarding your pre-drafted pleading, or prepare the Complaint for you and on your behalf. The drafting of the pleadings will often be drafted on your behalf and explained to you so that you understand what you are filing and presenting to the court. 

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