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Modification of Custody

Modification Lawyers

After the court issues an Order for custody, support access and visitation, it should be followed. However things change. And as your child gets older, things happen, schedules change, interests change, and needs may also change. As with any change, your Custody Order may also need to be changed. Custody Orders are always modifiable. In order to change a custody order in the State of Maryland, you must be able to show that the modification is necessary due to substantial and material change of circumstances since the Order was established by the Court. 

Material Change of Circumstances

 In order for the court to modify a current order, a party must be able to show that there was or currently is a material change of circumstances from the issuance of the court order. After a showing of a material change in circumstances, the court will hear why its in the best interests of the child or children to modify custody.  When there is a substantial change or a material change, the court's may allow for modification of the order. 

Any party may file a petition for Modification of the parties' court order, at any time so long as their was a material change of circumstances from the issuance of the Order. What is determined to be "material" may differ from case to case.  

Child Support Modification

Over time, as parties' incomes increase or decrease, you may request a modification of child support, so long as the increase or decrease in income is material. A modification of child support may also be appropriate when there has been a change in child care needs, daycare, or additional children. 

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